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Why professional market research translation is the key to global success

Effective communication is not just about talking; it’s about listening too.

The best market research companies listen to what their customers want in order to help them expand their business globally.

Market research takes two forms: qualitative and quantitative.

So, what’s the difference?

Qualitative research…

· is about people’s thoughts and feelings

· is gathered by asking open questions, e.g., “tell me what you think about…?”

· is presented in the form of quotes or testimonials

Quantitative research…

· is about numbers

· is gathered by asking closed questions and counting up the responses

· is presented in the form of statistics

Why are multi-lingual communications important?

Effective multi-lingual communications are essential if you want to enter a new market language to expand your business.

Not only do you need someone who can speak another language, but also someone who understands the culture of the new customer base.

Good communication is at the heart of meaningful market research that provides an accurate and unbiased understanding.

Why use a professional service?

A professional translation service does not simply translate the words on the page, it offers so much more.

To be able to draw purposeful conclusions from any research, the social and cultural norms of the people being targeted must be reflected in any questionnaires and surveys.

Expert market research translators will also be well-versed in the idioms and vernacular (the everyday language or dialect) of the people being surveyed.

Additionally, professional market research translators understand the importance of market research best practice and as such will use clean, straightforward language, avoiding leading questions.

Starska Translations have years of experience providing professional market research translations and are the ideal choice for anyone seeking this service.

Get in touch so we can help you speak the same language as your customers.

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