In such an intensely detailed field, legal translation services need to be accurate and timely. Thus, legal translators with experience and professionalism are of the utmost importance.
Whether you need to translate legal documents for court, litigation or immigration purposes, there’s no other legal translation services company to rely on but Starska Translations.

Marketing Translations

We tailor the service we provide to our client’s individual needs, based on a creative brief, adopting a consultative approach, offering the service most suited to the needs of the client. In certain cases, the service required may fall somewhere between translating and copywriting: our deep pool of creative and linguistic talent means that we are extremely well-positioned to rise to any multinational marketing challenge.

Market Research Translations

When entering new international markets or launching new products it’s essential you get an accurate, unbiased profile of the consumer base.

With a vast experience in market research translation, you can be confident in our ability to provide consistent brand and product messaging to your customers. Our market research service includes the translation of briefing documents, questionnaires, research packs and product descriptions.

Certified Legal Translations

A certified translation is the translation of a document which is typically required for official use by any organisation.
As part of the Certified Translation Service, Starska Translations will select the most highly qualified and experienced linguists who will translate the required certified documents and return them, ensuring our clients comply with legal or regulatory requirements.
Contact a member of our specialist team to see how Starska Translations Ltd can assist with your certified translation request.

Website Translations

Website translation does not merely communicate information about the business or services in another language. It helps in building a customized brand image that ensures universal appeal and secures global reach, and also connects instantly with the local and the colloquial. Starska Translations will make sure your multilingual website is perfectly localized and sounds attractive to customers from all around the world.


At Starska Translations, we have extensive security and privacy policies in place to protect your information. Our stringent security policy states that, unless expressly authorized to do so, our translators and all other Starska Translations employees are forbidden to disclose any information you designate as confidential to a third party. This policy prevents leaks and helps to keep your valuable financial data secure.
We will send and receive files for translation containing any personally identifiable information via exclusively secured means.
We do not use open-source tools or technology solutions as they may give the system worldwide license to use the information being shared.

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