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Our services are ideal for individuals and companies who require a fast and high-quality service.

We provide a variety of translation services, revision, interpreting, transcribing and subtitling.

Translations from and into any language!

Legal Translations

In such an intensely detailed field, legal translation services need to be accurate and timely. 
Whether you need to translate legal documents for court, or immigration purposes, Starska Translations is your reliable legal translation service.

Market Research Translations

When entering new international markets or launching new products, it's necessary to get an accurate, unbiased profile of the consumer base.
Depending on the language and target country, their response may be very completely different.  Therefore, you will need a professional market research translator.

Business and Finance Translations

You cannot underrate the importance of accurate translation for business and finance documents. A single mistake could have serious consequences.

With our help, you won't have to worry about errors in your time and accuracy-sensitive projects.


What our clients say about us

Great company, whenever we need a translation we contact them. We couldn't be any happier with them. They are highly professional and responsive. Fantastic service!


Starska Translations has been recommended to me as an excellent translation service provider. They have managed to go beyond my expectations and deliver highly technical projects in a short time.

KPLG Consulting

Excellent team and high quality service. Fast, efficient, and highly professional and always available. Our favorite language service provider for legal and non legal translations.

André Nunes, DPH Advogados

Uniquely high level of service, rarely to be found. Reliability, responsiveness, assistance at every stage of the project.

My'O Meu

We require fast replies  and flexibility from the companies we work with. For several years now that Starska Translations always delivers translations and content on excellence level before our deadline.  

Conceitoalgarve - Investimentos Turísticos

Highly professional service, very responsive, the quotations are prepared very quickly and the deadlines are always met. Great service, high quality and competitive prices make working with Starska Translations a pure pleasure.

Legal Services 

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