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Why you MUST leave legal translations to certified translators

A legal translation is a reliable and precise language translation for the legal sector.

Legal translations cover a wide range of legal documents, including both criminal and civil law.

Examples include:

· Contracts

· Adoption Papers

· Patents

· Case Summaries

· Witness Statements

· Birth and Marriage Certificates

· Website Terms and Conditions

· Immigration Papers

· Employment Terms

It is essential that such translations are conducted by professional, certified linguists, who possess legal knowledge.

For matters of the law, accuracy is essential. Legal documents contain specific vocabulary and often many archaic and unfamiliar terms.

To navigate this, you need someone who is an expert linguist and knowledgable of the law, otherwise you could make a costly mistake.

Legal fees are expensive; in comparison translation fees are very reasonable and are likely to save you money and stress in the long run.

In 2012, a London judge demanded a retrial after a Romanian interpreter made a translation error. The retrial cost an estimated £25, 000 and probably a lot of frustration and upset in the process.

It might be tempting to rely on computer-aided translation, but this is unadvisable. Anyone who has used computer-aided translation will be aware of the funny mistakes that can be made when things do not directly translate. It is less funny if your livelihood or freedom are potentially on the line.

The law has many specific and technical terms that computer-aided translation has no understanding of. Cultural and contextual differences play a significant role when it comes to accurate translation as well.

Using a computer or a non-certified translator also raises the issue of privacy. Issues of a legal nature are often highly sensitive and you are unlikely to want that information stored in a web browser or in the hands of someone unreliable.

Translating legal documents is a complex and highly nuanced process. By working with certified and experienced linguists such as those at Starska Translations, you can rest assured that you will receive precise, private and punctual legal translation.

To find out more visit Starska Translations’s website by clicking here.

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